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Mother Overbrook Trailer

Mother Overbrook (2024)

Preserve The Legacy • Ground Us In The Past • Build Our Future • Inspire Future Generations

Mother Overbrook is a feature length documentary that will preserve the legacy and introduce the future of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. It will tell the story of the men and women who came together in a common mission from which thousands of Priests and 83 apostolic successors over the last 200 years came forth. It is a story of the continuation of Christ’s Priesthood in the new world of America. The twists and turns of the growth and decline of faith in our society all while exploring the beautiful property of Overbrook and what made it gain the attention and visitation of 5 Popes and 3 canonized saints.


Holding over 600 works of art, 7 chapels, 20 altars, 77 stained glass windows, and having been visited by 5 Popes and 3 Canonized Saints; the property of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is a beacon of hope.

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary has formed Priests, Deacons, men and women to hand on the faith to countless individuals for nearly 200 years. This institution’s impact on leading souls to God is immeasurable.

Now that the tradition of Saint Charles is moving from its home for more than 150 years it causes us to ask the question: What is the legacy of Saint Charles? How has the property of “our beloved Mother of Overbrook” impacted those who have lived within its walls? What is the spiritual ripple effect it has had on people in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and around the world?

In this feature-length documentary, we will answer these questions while exploring this monument built by the people of God and the innumerable amount of treasures within its walls


Beloved Mother Overbrook will be a feature-length documentary focusing on the central St. Charles Borromeo Seminary has had on the formation of priests and its impact on faithful Catholics here in Philadelphia and throughout the world.

This documentary will trace the history of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and reveal its importance through the use of new and archival video footage, on-camera interviews and still photography.

The film will tell the story of how faithful Catholics dedicated their time, talent and treasure to the seminary, contributing to the formation of thousands of priests. In turn, these priests lead countless souls to God through their work in parishes, schools, social work, health care and so much more.

We will hear from the men who were formed in their vocation to the priesthood. We will explore the unparalleled beauty of the buildings and the stunning artwork contained within its halls. We will gain a new appreciation for the treasured patrimony given to the church by faithful Catholics.

Directed By
Bill Rose,
Sean Gillespie
Produced By
Joyful Films,
Remedium Advertising
Release Date

Congratulations to our newest Bishops!

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Fantastic Day! Thank you to #BishopMichaelBurbidge for your support of #MotherOverbrook! Bishop Burbidge spent more...

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Sister Nancy Usselmann gave an amzaing presentation at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary last night. Thank you, Sister! Sr-Nancy Useelmann Sr-Nancy Useelmann Pauline Books & Media

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